Inquiry skills across the Australian Curriculum

In this post I present my analysis of the Australian Curriculum v6.0.

Inquiry skills and information literacy are embedded in the Australian Curriculum in the subject areas Science, History, Geography, Economics and Business (draft), Civics and Citizenship (draft, and in the general capabilities Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) .

In this video I present the frameworks and concepts underpinning my analysis:

In this video I present my analysis:

My analysis revels that there are a number of omissions and misalignments across the Australian Curriculum. Please feel free to comment my analysis and discuss how the scope and sequence relates to your own practice.

Further Reading:

My first analysis of an earlier version of the Australian Curriculum is published here:

Lupton, Mandy (2012) ‘Inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum’ Access, June: 12-18.

4 responses to “Inquiry skills across the Australian Curriculum

  1. Mandy, I am interested in your analysis of inquiry skills in the Aistralian Curriculum. I am wondering whether you have made a similar analysis of the recent NSW Syllabi? Thanks, Margo Pickworth

  2. A really useful analysis, thank you Mandy! It really helps me understand the discourse that can occur (and we wonder why students often struggle with developing transdisciplinary inquiry skills?!) and the need for unification of inquiry at a School (not discipline level).

    Do you know or work with any Schools in the Brisbane region that have begun to unpack this lack of alignment? I would love to talk to you more, I find your work fascinating.

    • I suspect that most schools have been sensible and have ignored the lack of alignment and have continued to do what they have always done 🙂 We certainly shouldn’t be taking the Australian Curriculum as ‘the truth’. We need to intrepret it to suit our contexts 🙂

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