Types & use of sources elaborations in the Australian Curriculum: Science, History & Geography

This is the second of two posts (read the first here) that I have created for a professional development seminar I’m presenting for teachers on inquiry and information literacy in the Australian Curriculum. Here I have created word clouds (in Tagul) of the content elaborations related to the types and use of sources the the subject areas of Science, History and Geography. The visualisation demonstrates the strong sense of disciplinarily and topic areas that are not necessarily evident in the content descriptors alone.

The images maybe useful for teachers who are developing an integrated curriculum, as the visualisations help in analysing the similarities and differences between the subject areas in the same year groups.

As to be expected, there is a different focus in each subject area:

  • Science – gathering data from observations and measurements via the experimental method
  • History – using a range of primary sources
  • Geography – gathering data via fieldwork, surveys and interviews and using a range of maps and images

Of interest is the use of interviews for both History and Geography.

Science: types and use of sources


History: types and use of sources


Geography: types and use of sources

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