My publications

Here is a selection of my publications relating to information literacy and inquiry learning:

Maybee, ClarenceBruce, ChristineLupton, Mandy, & Pang, Ming Fai (2018) Informed learning design: Teaching and learning through engagement with information. Higher Education Research and Development. (In Press)

Bruce, Christine S.Demasson, Andrew E.Hughes, Hilary E.Lupton, MandySayyad Abdi, ElhamMaybee, Clarence, et al. (2017) Information literacy and informed learning: Conceptual innovations for IL research and practice futures. Journal of Information Literacy11(1), pp. 4-22.

Lupton, Mandy (2017) Inquiry learning: A pedagogical and curriculum framework for information literacy. In Sales, Dora & Pinto, Maria (Eds.) Pathways into Information Literacy and Communities of Practice: Teaching Approaches and Case Studies. Chandos Publishing, pp. 29-51.

Maybee, ClarenceBruce, Christine S.Lupton, Mandy, & Rebmann, Kristen (2017) Designing rich information experiences to shape learning outcomes. Studies in Higher Education42(12), pp. 2373-2388.

Lupton, Mandy (2015) Teacher librarians’ understandings of inquiry learning. Access, 29(4), pp. 18-29.

Lupton, Mandy (2014) Inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum v6 : a bird’s-eye view. Access, 28(4), pp. 8-29.

Diehm, Rae-Anne & Lupton, Mandy (2014) Learning information literacy. Information Research, 19(1).

Maybee, Clarence, Bruce, Christine Susan, Lupton, Mandy, & Rebmann, Kristen (2013) Learning to use information : informed learning in the undergraduate classroom. Library & Information Science Research, 35(3), pp. 200-206.

Diehm, Rae-Anne & Lupton, Mandy (2012) Approaches to learning information literacy : a phenomenographic study. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(4), pp. 217-225

Lupton, Mandy (2012) Inquiry skills in the Australian curriculum. Access, 26(2), pp. 12-18.

Ireland, J, Watters, J, Brownlee, J, & Lupton, M (2012) Elementary teacher’s conceptions of inquiry teaching : messages for teacher development. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 23(2) pp. 159-175

Lupton, M & Bruce, C (2010) Windows on information literacy worlds : generic, situated and transformative perspectives. In Practising Information Literacy : Bringing Theories of Learning, Practice and Information Literacy Together. Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., pp. 4-27.

Lupton, M. (2008). Information literacy and learning. Adelaide: Auslib Press.

Lupton, Mandy (2008) Information literacy and learning. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.

Lupton, M (2008) Evidence, argument and social responsibility : Researching an essay. Higher Education Research and Development, 27(4), pp. 399-414.

Bruce, C, Edwards, S, & Lupton, M (2006) Six Frames for Information literacy Education. Italics, 5(1).

Lupton, M. (2004). The learning connection. Information literacy and the student experience. Adelaide: AusLib Press.

Lupton, M (2002) The getting of wisdom : reflections of a teaching librarian. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 33(2), pp. 75-85.

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