My publications

Here is a selection of my publications relating to information literacy and inquiry learning:

Lupton, Mandy (2016) Inquiry learning: A pedagogical and curriculum framework for information literacy. In Sales, Dora & Pinto, Maria (Eds.) Pathways into Information Literacy and Communities of Practice: Teaching Approaches and Case Studies. Chandos Publishing. (In Press)

Maybee, Clarence, Bruce, Christine S., Lupton, Mandy, & Rebmann, Kristen (2016) Designing rich information experiences to shape learning outcomes. Studies in Higher Education. (In Press)

Lupton, Mandy (2015) Teacher librarians’ understandings of inquiry learning. Access, 29(4), pp. 18-29.

Lupton, Mandy (2014) Inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum v6 : a bird’s-eye view. Access, 28(4), pp. 8-29.

Diehm, Rae-Anne & Lupton, Mandy (2014) Learning information literacy. Information Research, 19(1).

Maybee, Clarence, Bruce, Christine Susan, Lupton, Mandy, & Rebmann, Kristen (2013) Learning to use information : informed learning in the undergraduate classroom. Library & Information Science Research, 35(3), pp. 200-206.

Diehm, Rae-Anne & Lupton, Mandy (2012) Approaches to learning information literacy : a phenomenographic study. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(4), pp. 217-225

Lupton, Mandy (2012) Inquiry skills in the Australian curriculum. Access, 26(2), pp. 12-18.

Ireland, J, Watters, J, Brownlee, J, & Lupton, M (2012) Elementary teacher’s conceptions of inquiry teaching : messages for teacher development. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 23(2) pp. 159-175

Lupton, M & Bruce, C (2010) Windows on information literacy worlds : generic, situated and transformative perspectives. In Practising Information Literacy : Bringing Theories of Learning, Practice and Information Literacy Together. Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., pp. 4-27.

Lupton, M. (2008). Information literacy and learning. Adelaide: Auslib Press.

Lupton, Mandy (2008) Information literacy and learning. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.

Lupton, M (2008) Evidence, argument and social responsibility : Researching an essay. Higher Education Research and Development, 27(4), pp. 399-414.

Bruce, C, Edwards, S, & Lupton, M (2006) Six Frames for Information literacy Education. Italics, 5(1).

Lupton, M. (2004). The learning connection. Information literacy and the student experience. Adelaide: AusLib Press.

Lupton, M (2002) The getting of wisdom : reflections of a teaching librarian. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 33(2), pp. 75-85.

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