Dr Mandy Lupton is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology. She coordinates and teaches units in the  Master of Education (Teacher-Librarianship) course. Mandy holds a Bachelor of Education (secondary music), Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Management, Master of Arts (by research) and PhD. Mandy has worked in a range of educational settings in roles such as:

  • secondary school music teacher
  • teacher-librarian
  • academic librarian
  • lecturer in higher education.

Mandy is interested in the way people use information to learn.  She has investigated university students’ experiences of using information to complete assignments in environmental studies, music and tax law. Mandy’s interest in inquiry learning began when she coordinated an inquiry learning curriculum project for first year students at the Australian National University in 2002-2003. She is currently researching teacher-librarians’ inquiry learning pedagogical practices.

Question header image used with permission : (c) http://www.flickr.com/photos/justanotherhuman/1634993494/in/faves-79957923@N07/

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